Most Health Plans Provide Print Or Electronic Publications To Members, MCIC Survey Finds

The majority of health plans provide some form of publication for its members, according to “Managed Care Leadership Survey on Member Communications” by the Managed Care Information Center.

Communication is integral in today’s pay for performance incentive environment. That’s why it’s an important activity to measure.

Some 67.7 percent of respondents reported that they produce a publication.

Of those who produce a publication for members, almost 26 percent reported the publication is in an “electronic” form. Print publications are done by 42 percent of those responding, while 3.2 percent reported they communicate both electronically and in print.

Do you have a publication for members?

Yes – 67.7%
No -32.3%

If yes, is it:
Print – 41.9%
Electronic – 25.8%
Other – 3.2%

Source: Managed Care Leadership Survey on Member Communications, Managed Care Information Center.