What State Policies Best Foster Insurance Market Competition?

What State Policies Best Foster Insurance Market Competition? | At the intersection of health, health care, and policy.

“It is important to better understand how different regulatory environments may affect the functioning and competitiveness of insurance markets. In the case of rate review, a recent study suggests that pre-ACA premiums were lower in states that took a more active regulatory approach. ACA rate review grants sought to reduce regulatory variation by collectively raising the bar.”

Source: Health Affairs Blog 

Employer Health Insurance Benefits Plan Premiums Rose 4 Percent, Study Finds

The average health insurance premium increase in during the past year is 4% for both single and family coverage, according to the 2015 employer health benefits survey sponsored by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

The annual single coverage premium is $6,251 while the average family coverage premium is $17,545, the survey found.

Researchers found that the percentage of firms offering health benefits to its employees – 57 percent – as well as the percentage of workers covered at those firms – 63 percent – is statistically unchanged from 2014.

Large employers with 200 or more workers said they have analyzed their health benefits to determine whether they would be subject to the high-cost health plan tax when takes effect in 2018, the study found.

“Some employers are already making changes to their benefit plans in response to the tax,” study researchers said.  Continue reading