Cigna’s Collaborative Care Now Includes Small Physician and Specialist Groups, Hospitals

Cigna said it has expanded its Cigna Collaborative Care to include health care professionals wherever they are in the health care delivery system.

The health insurer said it has developed a new suite of value-based initiatives called Cigna Collaborative Care that builds on the company’s Cigna Collaborative Care (CAC) initiatives.

The CAC is Cigna’s approach to achieving the same population health goals as accountable care organizations (ACOs): better health, affordabilityandexperience. The CACarrangements began first with large physician groups and integrated delivery systems. Now, the CAC expands value-based initiatives to include small physician groups, specialist groups, and hospitals, in addition to large physician groups, officials said.

Besides the large physician practices, the incentive-based Cigna Collaborative Care includes:


The Guide to Value-Based Reimbursement: Profiting from Payment Bundling, PHO Shared Savings, and Pay for Performance explores emerging models of episode-based payments, physician-hospital organizations and physician bonus structures.


  • Small physician groups including small private practices and unorganized physician groups. These arrangements represent an opportunity to help the 40 percent of Cigna customers with high-cost conditions and complex needs that are treated by small physician groups.7 Cigna has established arrangements on a pilot basis with small physician groups in select markets.
  • Hospital arrangements designed to promote quality, efficiency and safety for customers seeking hospital care. Research indicates that 25 percent of customers with high-cost conditions or complex needs are treated at a hospital each year.8 To date, Cigna has established arrangements with more than 150 hospitals, and continued development is planned for 2014.
  • Specialist groups focusing on the five specialties that account for 57 percent of medical spending – orthopedics, obstetrics-gynecology, cardiology, gastroenterology and oncology.9 Cigna launched orthopedic and maternity-focused arrangements in 2013, with continued development in 2014.

“The best way to achieve sustainable change in the health care system is to reach all stakeholders through personalized connections,” said Chief Medical Officer Alan M. Muney, M.D.

The CAC “enables us to engage health care professionals and customers in ways that are meaningful to them, which will help drive better health, affordability, and experience, he added”

Cigna said its CAC initiative is aimed at accomplishing the same population

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