ACOs Give New Life And Seen As A Second Chance For IPAs

A news article in the latest edition of American Medical News looks at the state of independent practice associations (IPAs.)

“After going bust in the 1990s, independent practice associations have become more appealing to physicians,” wrote reporter Victoria Stagg Elliott.

The article, using IPA data provided by the Managed Care Information Center, said “Independent practice associations are poised for a comeback as physicians seek to unite with larger systems, particularly for the purpose of forming accountable care organizations.”

There are a total of some 500 IPAs, that MCIC research has uncovered and 570 physician hospital organizations (PHOs), according to research for the National Directory of Physician Organizations Database.

The database also include business information and contact details on 85 primary care networks and 131 multi-specialty medical groups, said Robert Jenkins, CEO of the MCIC.

IPA physician membership across the country is 128,329 primary care physicians and 144,080 specialists, according to MCIC data.

PHO membership, meanwhile, includes 151549 primary care physicians and 76,946 specialists, the research found.

                 “Physicians need to be in charge of this”

“People in the IPA industry say the number of such organizations is going up in part because of interest from some doctors. These physicians don’t want to give up control by selling their practices to a hospital or a larger practice, but want some of the benefits of a larger organization,” said the American Medical News article.

For the full article, visit:

For details on the National Directory of Physician Organizations Database visit:

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